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Other Miatas

This is Dave L's first Miata. Sort of the one that started it all.

I was at this Used Car lot, trying to decide between 2 or 3 cars, having got sort of tired of driving a Chevy Pickup all the time. I had almost decided between the last two, and was going to buy a Plymouth Laser; FWD little bulbous thing which won out over the Ford Probe GT sitting there. On my way to the Office, this guy drove up in this pretty white Miata. He was their mechanic, and had just given it a once-over for safety and mechanical condition. He got out saying, "Man, this is a NICE little car!" I said, "What's this then!?!" and the salesman told me they just got it. I asked to drive it, and did, and KNEW right then and there, that THIS WAS MY KIND OF CAR !!! After all those leaky fussy British sports cars I had driven over the years, THIS was just the thing I needed! The Japs got it right!

This is later, after the suspension mods and with some 15" wheels and tires. It eventually got a Jackson Racing Supercharger kit installed, and that REALLY made the car ZOOM !!!

That's my Dad driving, at the ripe age of 83 !?!?! Gutsy fellow! Sierra Vista, 2002.

Lindsay also drove the white '93 at Firebird in May '04. She said she liked it BUT, "I sure do miss the slicks !!!" Smart Girl! And one heck of a driver, too ! Did I mention cute ???

With a touch of sadness, and a fond "Adieu," the white car found a new home recently. A friend of ours bought it. I hated to see it go. That was the car I had intended on keeping "for the rest of my life." But it went to a Good Home, and is being built into a true CSP car, which I KNOW will be driven to its Utmost by the present owner, AND, if I am lucky, Me too !!! Can't Wait !!!

Meanwhile the "Beastie," as it has become known ...

Lindsay again, in her Favorite Miata at the June '04 Casa Grande event !!!

Now, if we can just get her to drive it as hard INTO the corners as she does OUT of them.

This is a Christmas thing that DaveM put together. Kinda neat!

That's pretty much the story of the Beastie. When gas went WAY up, we had to make a choice, and decided that getting 30 mpg with a CSP car (street legal, and has all the trick stuff from the Beastie installed) and not having to deal with a truck and trailer and get around 8 mpg was way better. The difference is making things a lot easier on us, and we are having a lot of fun! We use a Harbor Freight 4ft. by 4 ft. trailer behind the Miata, with a small toolbox, 4 tires, and most of our "out of town" stuff fits inside the trunk. I would say that CSP is as much fun, though it is not quite the glory of having the only Mod Miata in Arizona, but that's okay.

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