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Other Miatas

This is DaveM's Miata; '92 LE Black & Tan.

And sadly, this is the only pic I have of Don's car, for now anyway. Now, if we can just move that seat out of the way, and back that little beauty out ... It is a '94 R that is in absolutely PERFECT shape! It has MAYBE 40K miles on it, is one of the snappiest throttle response Miatas I have ever driven (unmodified, of course), and if he ever sells it, I will kill him! OOPS, I hear that is illegal in most states, so okay, I will BUY IT from him. LOL...

These are a couple of friends of ours, ...

Mark Johnson, '99 Sport model; great driver, nice guy!

Tom Tkacik, '96 R, which I LUST for !!! And if he ever sells it, I got DIBS !!!

This is HarryB's '94 R. Nice Blue !!! Need tires, mate?

A really neat little yellow car; pic found on the web.

And this one wins for Wildest Paint Job!

This Little Miata went to Daytona for the 24 Hour Race. I think it was in 2002 ???

And this is an SCCA Roadracing class called Spec Miata.

'99 Sport Model, Supercharged, NICE !!! {wipes drool from chin}

With the popularity of the movie Cars, and people doing PhotoChops of different cars on the internet, I found THIS Miata, untouched photo!

And THIS one is just so neat looking! Inspiring, even!

Hey! There is NOW a page 5 !!!