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More Damn Cars? OMG !!!

This is a '95 R that I bought from a guy in L.A., but sold it to someone in need of a good autocrosser. Congrats, Travis! Now get some real tires for that thing!

UPDATE: I bought the '95 R back from Travis! He went and bought an S2000, so offered it back to me ! He replaced the timing belt and hoses and such, and put on the new (used) soft top. So, I am up to 4 Miatas now! And I would bet that I will be getting a '96 R one of these days to complete the R Collection. OR, ...

Updating again, I sold it to the Brewers down in Tucson. They are going to autocross it. That's where it belongs!

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Another acquisition is a '94 Miata R that I picked up for a summertime daily driver (2006). It is NEAT! Even with what some say is a harsh suspension (the stock Bilsteins), I love it! It is white, and the AC works nicely! Since the summertime thermometer is over the dreaded century mark, and the CSP car nor the '95 R had AC, I have that covered! The soft top on it is crap, but I will trade that out one day. Either that, or just trash it? We'll see ... This one, though, I am going to leave bone stock, as they are becoming more and more rare all the time. Most folks have either modified them, or crashed them, or ...

UPDATE: Sold this one, and sad to see it go. Dammit !!! But it is being autocrossed, so that is a good thing! It also now lives in Tucson. Do we see a pattern developing here? And it is currently for sale again. Temptation...

Another News Flash!!!

I just picked up (or should I say stole?) this red '91 Miata. It has WORKING AC and drives nice! I flew into Ontario, CA airport and bought it unseen after talking with the owner by email and phone a few times. Drove it home, no problem. Okay, one blown out shock and has an exhaust leak, but hey, I can fix that!

Not sure what this one will become, but the collection is growing! It has a working viscous diff. (early limited slip), and would make a good Street Tire class car (STS2), but for now, I'm just deciding what wheels and tires to put on it. Sure, the old style "daisy" wheels are okay, but most that know me know that I can rarely leave things as they are!

That's my dad; 89 years young and sharp as a tack! ;^)

Now, for that exhaust leak; header received, awaiting install! Oh, and the Main fuse was broken (previous owner did it, not me!). I went to Autozone, thinking they would not have one; no way? Ahhh, shame on me for doubting! They had one out in the racks, 3 bucks! I was so happy! These are a bit of a pain though; you have to unbolt it on both sides to replace it, since it holds the main power connections. That was probably how the previous owner (or his idiot mechanic) broke it in the first place?! "How do you get this damned thing out!?!?!" Some folks just don't know Miatas. Oh, and a HUGE Thanks to forum users for their wealth of knowledge. Saved my ass again! :^)

UPDATE: I installed some H&R springs and Koni Sport shocks on the car, and put on some nice Ronal wheels I bought a long time ago. They are sort of like the BBS wheels (honeycomb mesh), gold with a polished lip. They look REALLY nice! I had some Yokohama AVS tires that someone gave me, and they are old, but still working! Gotta take some more pics! BTW, it rained like heck here one weekend, and the car smells like mildew! Yikes! Is it possible the previous owner (or his previously mentioned idiot mechanic) installed a new top and no rain rail? Time to go drop the top and open up the car to air out! Nice sunny day today for that.

UPDATE #2: The lil red one has the header installed now, and is really fun to drive, even with what some call the wimpy 1.6 L engine! No more exhaust leak (what kind of idiot would put a 10mm bolt into a 14mm exhaust flange hole? Some stupid lazy mechanic, that's who!) I haven't worked out the issue with the rain getting in, but it has stopped raining! Besides, it has a nice white hard top on it now, and a dry spot under the awning out back (the "workshop" as it were), so fuggit! LOL. Ah, but I sold that one too.

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Oh, and the Beastie has come home again! I missed it, so i got it back! So there! That makes FIVE Miatas! Also, there is a rumor going around that a certain ULTRA low mileage '94 R may be coming into the stable, if I can sell one or more of the others: I have too many toys! (Gee, I never thought I would say that!)

Don decided to go for a '99 Miata that he found and has been wanting, SO, Miata #6 is now my daily driver: 43K miles, Pristine condition, and runs just utterly PERFECT !!! Sadly, had to sell it, but it went to a good home.

I just LOVE Miatas. Could you tell? I have had TEN so far. No, make that sixTEEN at last count.

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Miatas Rule!!!

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