Select from swingin' Jazz and Blues!!!


"Slew Ride" --- A New Tune !!!

"Monk Etude" --- A Tribute to Thelonius!

"Dan's Jam" --- circa 1982, walkin' bass, swingin' drums, and a muted trumpet go nuts {originally written by my brother}

"One Moe Blues" --- Let the crisp flute, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums ease your worried mind.

"Always Blue" --- This uptempo tune is verrrry cool!!!

"Swang That Thang" --- This tune is verrrry cool, too!!!

My Arrangements of Other Tunes:

"All Blues" --- An arrangement of the Miles Davis classic in 6/8 double time feel.

"In A Mellow Tone" --- Perhaps my favorite jazz tune. Thank you, Duke!

"Maiden Voyage" --- My arrangement of the Herbie Hancock classic!!!

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